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Can You Objectively Critique Your Own Paintings?

I was talking to afriend today when we got on the subject of how difficult it is to be objective about your own paintings. Especially, I think when we are new to painting. Both of us had talked about our paintings from five years ago or so. At the time, we thought they were really [...]

country house plein air painting

Helpful Hints to Start Your Painting on the Right Track

I've been teaching several workshops in the past few weeks. Some helpful hints have come to mind to get your painting off on the right track. To avoid mixing too much white into your paints, collect some paint swatches with the correct color. For instance, let's use cadmium yellow light. If you add to much [...]

anders zorn painting

Painting Exercises to Improve Your Paintings

In the last workshop that I taught, I gave the students some ideas using exercises to help improve their paintings. Here are a few ideas that you can work on at home. Use a palette of 4 color such as Swedish painter, Anders Zorn (1860-1920) used. He used a palette of white, yellow ocher, ivory black and [...]

How to Paint a Sunset Video

A few days ago I released a new online workshop video. I decided that I needed to put something together about sunsets. By far, it is the one thing that artists ask me about. "How do you paint your sunsets? What colors do you use? How do you get that glow?" Now, I have it [...]

My Goal for Workshops New Painting Video

As some of you may know, I just started making some online workshop videos.  Above is a video explaining a little about my videos and my plan for more. I just downloaded my third video on my website. More about that tomorrow. A little background here. About  three years ago I made some ustream videos. [...]

Learn How to Paint Clouds

Painting in Rocky Mountain National Park Click here to Learn more

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