Bartlett Lake Plein Air Painting Progression



Recently I painted out at Bartlett Lake north of Phoenix. I took some photos of the painting in progress. There are a few gaps and I wish that I had taken more photos for you, but I find that I get involved with my painting and at times forget about the steps.

The first two photos show the beginnings of the block-in stage. You can see by the variations in colors, that my block-ins record a lot of information. If I were painting studies only for myself for reference, this would be about all of the information that I might need.
Bartlett Lake painting progression




I start adding the light colored dirt as a path to lead the viewer into the painting.bartlett-4


I continue to add detail. You can go as far as you want with this stage. Some artists will have more detail than others. I first painted my darkest colors in the large saguaro against the light of the water. This is what I decided before I started painting that I wanted as my focal point. I kept the value contrasts from the beginning.




bartlett-lake-morningIn the final stages I add bits of light and emphasize the dark and light contrasts.


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