If you are here and you've been here before, it's obvious something is going on. It's house cleaning time or blog cleaning. I've got it started, but it is still a construction zone here. My intent is to make the blog more user friendly, so that you can access the articles better and find things [...]


Lively Facebook Discussion, Pay Dues or Education.

Recently I posted a workshop video on facebook. The first comment I received was something like, "Do you really think this helps. I think we need to pay our dues." My first thought was that this was an individual who thinks he is self-taught and wears it as a badge of pride. He may think [...]

eucalyptus 3 18x24

What is Negative Space?

Today as I was driving to the mall to buy a couple new outfits (an event in itself, I'm not a clothes horse), I was thinking about this article I wanted to write. I found myself trying to look at the negative shapes between the trees and buildings. It isn't easy. We tend to look [...]


Tuscany Italy Workshop EARLY BIRD PRICING and workshop painting problems

Have you wanted to paint in Italy? Join me next June, the 7th through 14th of 2014. I will be teaching a plein air workshop at the Watermill. There is an early bird discount available for a short time. Save $'s and sign up early. For more info click here. Now, onto other topics. After teaching [...]


The Three Levels of Painting

I  have been reading a book by Kevin Weckbach of Colorado, "A Visual Palette". While here in Denver for the PACC show, I went out to dinner with several artists and sat at a table with my friend Janet Anderson and Kevin. Of course, we talked about painting and teaching. Janet showed me his book [...]


New Online Painting Workshops

I've been offline for a few days. We had a family crisis here, but things are going OK. Then, my computer would no longer recognize any internet. Without internet it was impossible to conduct business. So, I was out looking for a computer, the setup etc, etc. I made it through all that, but trying [...]

Learn How to Paint Clouds

Painting in Rocky Mountain National Park Click here to Learn more

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