how to block in an oil painting by Becky Joy

How to Block-in a Painting

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I have just abondoned my website, Art Workshops Online. The much anticipated online workshops will be no more. But wait…. you will get the videos for FREE. I will be posting my videos and PDF files here on Easel Notes. I have had too many things going on with my painting (that’s good), but it has left me with too little time to devote to other projects (that’s bad). You will soon learn about my project that I have been working on. I seem to get too many ideas going and there is never enough time to do it all. Anyway, the online workshops haven’t gotten the attention that I should have given them.

Continuing…. How to Block-in a Painting

Draw in your subject on the canvas, keeping large simple shapes. Use a brush and paint or a pencil. Thin your paint a little by dipping your brush into your solvent. Use thin paint, but not so thin that it is running down the canvas.

Start with the darkest colors and work to the lighter ones. In each large shape you will put the average color that you see. Squint at the subject to find the color and value that you will use. Do not get caught up in detail. This is the initial step, the pattern for the rest of your painting.

You can adjust colors, temperature and values after the block-in if necessary, but try to
choose as closely as you can.

Today I have posted one of the videos, How to Block in a Painting. I also have PDF files with information to correspond to the video. To view the PDF file, How to Block in a Painting and more click here. You will be able to download the PDF files to create a notebook with painting information.

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New Video!  .How to Block in a Painting

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