Email Marketing Ideas to Ponder

Art Marketing Monday

I recently read an article from CopyBlogger about email marketing. Listed were 3 marketing tasks for email newsletters. I have included two of them with a few more that I like.

1. Add a dedicated page for subscribing to your newsletter. I thought this was a very good idea. When you post a link or send the email opt-in to someone, it simplifies the process by just sending the link. You don’t need to explain the opt-in box on your website. I’ve used the email link to mailchimp, but it doesn’t send them to my website. With a dedicated page on my website I have room to explain the benefits of your newsletter. So, I have added the page in addition to the opt-in box.

2. Another interesting point that was given was to send your email list more often. Statistics show that once a month has more unsubscribes than sending a newsletter more often. This seems scary to me. I always feel that I shouldn’t overdo the emails. The idea is that more emails get more engagement from subscribers. That may be true. I’ll have to ponder that point.

3. Use compelling subject titles in the email newsletter so that the open rate is higher. I know this would make a difference, but I haven’t spent much time thinking about it. I did read about the words “You are not alone” as one of the best words to use. That would be difficult to use on a regular basis.  Recently I received a newsletter from another artist. In the subject the artist wrote her name in all capitals with space between each letter. It does stand out above all other emails. But, it didn’t make me want to open it. I wonder if the artists’ open rate was higher.

4. When to send emails? Not sure. Me either. I keep reading, send during the week, before 5 pm, not during lunch, etc, etc. I would guess that it depends on the industry. That means testing times and to view the open rates. I did send an email out on a Satuday one time. My rate of opens was lower than other newsletters. I only know I wouldn’t send it out on the weekend again. I always have thought that Mondays wouldn’t be good, too busy. Fridays, everyone wants to be done with business or catching up. What is your experience? Morning, Night? Which weekdays?

These are a few of the things in newsletters that I have been thinking about. What about you? Do you have some good ideas that you would like to share?


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