Save Money Photographing Your Artwork

I have created a giant portable lightbox in my backyard to photograph my artwork.

  • First I clip a sheet on each end to something higher than me, as in the photo.
  • Then I set up my artwork on an easel under the sheet as in the second photo.
  • I then mount my camera to a second tripod so that I can keep it stead and have a 3 second delay on the action. This prevents any shakiness cause blurry photos.
  • I set my camera to its highest setting. I also set the camera with a delayed shot, so that I’m sure it is steady.  I have a canon with 8 pixels. I have found that this has been adequate with this method.
  • The sheet (a white sheet) lets in light, but diffuses it so that I have no glare on my painting, even a varnished one.
  • I have been successful with this for my photos for entering competitions and for print advertising.
  • My camera, a Canon Power Shot.

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